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    Glimpsing a world beyond human extinction


    This article should be an eye opener. The world is dying and we’re the big cause of it. In the article it shows an “avalanche of vehicles,” which is kind of scary because we’ve been dumping cars in this location for 40 years.

    The world is an ugly place and we need to fix it. Other articles are saying that we only have 5 years to fix climate change or it becomes irreversible. Climate change is a serious issue and some people can’t recognize it. People need to do more to help with climate change; like not wasting food, recycling, and so on.

    The world is dying and we can help it. We need to if we want to continue life as we do now. Most animals are being put on the endangered list or are close to extinction. This is alarming because it’s on a large scale. Also to mention is the trash island in the Pacific Ocean. The way we dispose of trash is terrible. We just dump it into the ocean and not think about all the animal lives we’re harming and the environment for these animals. We need to find a new way to get rid of our trash because this is a huge problem. The world is dying at an alarming rate and we need to open our eyes to try and save it before it’s too late. The arctics are melting and we can slow that down. Our eyes have to open soon before we end up on the brink of extinction.

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