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    Former Lakewood Hospital Site Proposal


    This month, a revised proposal for the mixed-use development at the site of the former Lakewood Hospital was submitted to the city’s Architectural Board of Review.

    This new and improved proposal is resulting from developers working through the original design and making changes along the way, according to Bryce Sylvester, Lakewood’s director of planning and development.

    He said the Architectural Board of Review and city officials maintain contact with residents of the connecting streets, Marlowe and Belle, to get their input on different designs to better edit and fix their proposals.

    Residents of Marlowe and Belle express concern with the height of the new project and how it will affect the lighting of the neighborhood. They continue to work together to compromise their ideas.

    This project is estimated to cost $72 million and will turn the former Lakewood Hospital site into a mix of residential units, office spaces, and shops.

    With this new proposal, there have been lots of questions and speculation. Including that the city is running behind on the timeline of the project. Sylvester says that the city’s timeline is unchanged and on track. They plan to start construction in the fall of 2019.

    When asked if she has any concerns about the project, Lakewood High student and Lakewood citizen Corrina Cooper said “I’m concerned about where all these people are going to park. It will create a lot of congestion in Downtown Lakewood.”

    People are also worried about the rumors that there is a river beneath the site. This rumor has been debunked, however, it was confirmed that there is a stream near the site.

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