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    Is Raising Cane’s Still Coming to Lakewood?

    Some yummy chicken.

    Lakewood councilman Tristan Rader first brought news about Raising Cane’s to the Lakewood community through a Facebook post back in late August 2018 but since then, nothing has been heard about development.

    The arrival of Raising Cane’s has faced push back from city council members of Lakewood stating that,”Our goal should be to promote the health of the community… the vibrancy of our city as a whole; and local, homegrown businesses… More fast-food and more drive-through chains do NOT fit that vision, in my humble opinion.”

    When Lakewood residents were asked what they thought about Lakewood’s mission to limit fast food stores, almost all of them said that they would rather have an operable building as opposed to more empty store fronts that are common throughout Lakewood.

    At the site of the old Bob Evan’s, where Raising Cane’s is supposed to be built, there has been a fair amount of construction done on the building which would suggest that there is something coming to the now empty building.

    Online, there are job postings by Raising Cane’s for this hopeful Lakewood branch of their restaurant but there has yet to be any official news by Raising Cane’s online or at the new supposed store location about the status of the construction.

    When Logan Banhidy was asked about what he thought about this whole Raising Cane’s situation he said, “Lakewood always needs more places to eat. Anything will be better than having a half worked on building on one of Lakewood’s most popular streets.”

    Whether it be Raising Cane’s or something else, I hope Lakewood puts something in the huge empty space on Detroit Ave.


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