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    Notre-Dame’s donation causes controversy

    Notre-Dame cathedral in fire

    On April 15th a fire began burning down the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, an important and historical monument in the world.

    What happened concerned people all around the world, raising up to 2 billion dollars just within two days to help pay rebuilding the cathedral. That quick and huge donation has raised a lot of debate between people. What happened to the cathedral was awful, but people claim that all this money could have also been invested in pollution, education and poverty issues or in other tragedies such as the incineration of the National Museum of Brazil or the burnt of three black churches in Louisiana which didn’t get any support.

    All the money that has been donated to Notre Dame in Paris would be enough to clean up all the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and it could save a lot of people from being homeless, and give them an actual roof, especially now that anti-poverty associations are facing a decline in donations.

    Although the Notre-Dame fire is a tragedy, when it comes to first world issues, we all have time to help and worry about it, but it seems like we all forget about the third world countries and the future of our planet and we don’t give enough voice to who actually really need it.

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