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    Jeopardy champ keeps on winning.


    Jeopardy for most is just a fun game to watch and try to answer the questions but for James Holzhauer, he took it to a whole nother level. James Holzhauer just won his 19th Jeopardy game. With this win, he’s now tied for the third-longest winning streak in the game’s history and is likely to go further than just 19 wins.

    Ken Jennings holds the record of the longest streak, which lasted 74 games in 2004, according to the show’s Hall of Fame. Second place goes to Julia Collins in 2014.  And tied for third with James Holzhauer now, David Madden who won 19 games in 2005.

    Holzhauer wagered $40,000 in today’s final Jeopardy and got the answer correct ending his day with a daily total of $96,726. His 19-day total earning is $1,426,330.

    James gets a lot of his good playing skills from his actual job as an American professional gambler. He took his skills of knowing how to bet on a certain team and took it to the Jeopardy board with his special game played called “Forrest Bounce.”

    Most say that his ability to master the Forrest Bounce is what has helped him to win so much. The Forrest Bounce is where the player who is picking one of the categories jumps from category to category throwing off all the other competitors.

    James’ favorite number to wager is $9,812 which he has now wagered a few time. Yesterday, Holzhauer was asked and explained the significance of this number, he said that he got married to his wife on Sept. 8, 2012.

    “This counts as her gift,” Holzhauer joked before answering the question.

    “Your wife is gonna love you,” host Alex Trebek said.

    Lakewood’s owns= Doug Doren says, “It’s crazy how one person can dominate Jeopardy so much tho they ask so many different questions.” Doug also said, “I wish I could also win that much money in only 19 days.”




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