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    Instagram Adds New Updates


    In today’s society, we can not wait for our favorite social media networks to release new updates– it is a part of the entertainment. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat we are consumed by the overwhelming number of improvements that these sites make on a daily basis.

    Recently, Instagram has come up with new ways to make their social media platform ahead of the game. First off, there will be new camera designs for users to use on their photos: new modes and old modes come together. Also, they have come up with an idea that is known as “Create Mode”, according to TechRadar. This feature will allow you to post stickers and effects that you create; this changes the typical photo or video standard we are  all embedded in.

    Lastly, there are rumors of an interesting idea that may cause quite the controversy. Instagram wants to get rid of the proposition of “likes”. The purpose of this is for users to not indulge in their popularity on social media and just enjoy the intentions of sharing with others.

    Before these updates, Instagram did not have any major updates since 2018 with timeline displays and shoppable posts for businesses. If you can remember back to that June, those improvements caused a lot of uproar as an individuals feed was rearranged based on interests, time, and the relationship with the active accounts.

    Mallory Moorman, an active social media user, stated, “I am not a fan of when apps update due to the pure fact that it takes more time to figure out how to navigate and can sometimes be confusing; sometimes it takes awhile to get used to.”

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