Plastic Taking Over the World

Plastic Taking Over the World

Cassidy Baldridge

As we know, plastic is a big issue for our world. It has a very big impact, especially in our ocean.

Every single day it kills millions of animals. Whether it be from entering an animals stomach or being wrapped around their neck or body. Either way it is an issue.

The journal Nature Climate Change,says, the making of plastics will comprise 15% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This means that by 2050 if we do not stop putting plastic in the ocean we will change the climate on Earth forever.

Abbie Tuleta says, “I do not want to see our climate change even more than it already has.”

Many think that if they throw that plastic bottle out the window that they are not doing anything because it is just a small amount. Well if everyone on this planet did that think about how much plastic that would be.

Treehugger reveals that we are losing up to $2.5 Trillion a year from the plastic pollution in our oceans. It would cost less to clean the ocean up then having to pay that amount. When the Notre Dame caught on fire it was said the amount of money donated towards that cause is around the same amount it would be to clean up the ocean.

Many have stopped using plastic bags, but is that really enough? Plastic straws are still being used, same with plastic water bottles. Although the plastic is cheaper, would paying the price of damaging the earth be worth it?

Next time you think about throwing that garbage out of your window, think about the dead animals paying the price for that.