Clara McGuan

Clara McGuan

Lalia Riseng

Clara McGuan us a senior at Lakewood High School and has been a lettering member of the swim team for all four years. I sat down with her to talk about her past and future athletic career.

Question: How long have you been swimming?

Answer: I have been swimming since I was just four years old! My parents have always loved water sports like swimming and rowing. They started my brother and me out with competitive swimming from a young age. I went to LRST practice most days a week for most of the elementary and middle school, where I was able to build and improve on my strokes.

Question: What is your favorite swimming event?

Answer: I like the 500-meter swim, because I think it’s relaxing to swim so many laps, and I feel like I can pace myself better than in the shorter events. I also like the 100-meter breast-stroke; I swam that a lot this year.

Question: Did you ever try any other sports?

Answer: I have also danced since I was young. I used to do ballet classes at the Beck Center, but I had to give that up as I became more serious about swimming in middle school. Still, I will always love dancing, and I was a Rangerette for the marching band every fall.

Question: Are you going to be swimming in college?

Answer: I am going to West Virginia University, which is an NCAA Division 1 school, so no. I am not quite dedicated enough to swim on such an intense team, especially because college is going to be such a big change by itself. I definitely plan on joining a club team or swimming laps on my own time, because swimming is such a great activity for me.