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    Our Oceans Are Dirty, and Nobody Gives A Sh!%


    Some days when I’m scrolling through Twitter, and I see pictures of our dirty oceans that are supposed to be beautiful, and polar bears with no fur on dry land with no snow. I think to myself, how did this happen?

    On Earth Day, I saw so many people post beautiful pictures of our earth and the places they’ve traveled, but what about the dirty parts?  Our planet has its beautiful parts, yes, but it also has its bad parts.

    Most people believe Global Warming isn’t real, but that is their opinion, and my opinion about global warming is that it’s real. This planet is going to go instinct if we don’t do something to stop it.

    Senior Molly Roche said, “It affects us all and we should all work to repair the damage we’ve caused. It’s disgusting to me that there are people that think the planet isn’t dying when it undoubtedly is.”

    When you go to the beach, and you leave your garbage there, do you ever think what happens to it? The tide gets it and it goes into the ocean or the lake and it harms the animals in the water.  You’re garbage that you leave in the ocean, or even when you leave it on the side of the road kills animals.

    The world is becoming more aware because of Environmentally Aware businesses. sells bracelets that are plastic but the plastic used is from the oceans, and each bracelet you buy pulls 1lb of plastic in the ocean masking it safer for turtles.

    Metal straws are a great way to help the ocean, instead of using plastic straws,  so the animals don’t use them. Plastic bags when in water look like jellyfish so other animals go to play, and end up choking on them.

    When you see garbage on the side of the road, pick it up. When you have garbage in your hand, walk to the garbage can instead of dropping it. Garbage on the beach, pick it up. Try and lower your usage on plastic because if we do, we will see an impact on our planet.

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