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    Thank you for the music


    Mamma Mia!  Probably one of the best well-known musicals was preformed last weekend at Lakewood High Schools auditorium. People from all over Lakewood came to see the spectacular production and were left in awe.

    The play was produced by some of Lakewood High’s amazing teachers and staff. Mr. Farinelli in charge of cast, Ms. Sabin working with the crew, and  Dr. Hankins organized pit. Together these teachers put together an amazing show and left the audience speechless.

    Senior Solana Petrone says “Mr.Farinelli has been my favorite teacher all throughout high school. He is an educator who genuinely cares about the well-being of his students. I’ve never had a teacher who would go so out of their way to help a student”

    If you don’t already know, Mamma Mia is about a young girl, Sophie played by sophomore Sarah Whitkofski, who is about to get married to Sky, Played by Declan Rohrs, However she wants to be given away by her father. Only problem is she doesn’t know who he is, so she reads her mothers old diary and invites three men who may potentially be her father played by Zearatus Perry, Mikey Minadeo, and Breslin McCrea. Her mother, Donna Played by Ivy Dore has no idea and gets quite the shock when she finds her friends from the past at her daughter’s wedding.

    Lakewood High’s own students built the extraordinary set that extended into the audience allowing for a more enhancing experience. It really showed how much artistic talent the students at Lakewood high have

    The cast had the audience mesmerized with their amazing talent, however, many forgot to notice the astonishing orchestra in the back. The students who were apart of pit practiced their music every day and with the amazing Dr. Hankins conducting the beautiful music flowed everywhere.

    The students who participated grew extremely close, and formed ever lasting bonds and their bonding off stage made the performance even more amazing because you could see how much the cast truly cares for each other.

    Anyone who went to the play could tell how amazing Lakewood high’s music/drama program is and opened many eyes to just how much talent the students have, and if you haven’t hopefully you will look into the next performance the Barnstormers produce.


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