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    Why Fire Trucks Are Cool


    Okay dude, so think about this, why aren’t firetrucks cool? They got a big Diesel engine pushing that hot 550 horsepower to push that 19-30 tonnes. Do you even know why they’re red? Of course not you idiot.

    Let me give you a little rundown on the equipment, I’ll make it quick and simple. They got the hoses, the ladders, the generators, the pumps, the spare hose you name it on hoses. Now to the other stuff, they’ve got the basic fire gear, the radios, the axes, sledgehammers, and a lot more fun stuff.

    So back to firetrucks themselves. You can’t tell me that you don’t like the sirens on this beast of a machine. When they fly down the road looking like some blur of red and blue. Something else you can do if you get bored with a generic fire engine.. just convert it into a jet car. There’s quite a few videos out there of fire trucks being converted into a drag racing vehicle or jet vehicle just for the fun of it.

    Just a random thought though chief, say you bought a fire truck.. then gutted the whole thing, took out everything in the back, and then put some walls and a ramp.. following? Okay. Then, take yourself, your everyday vehicle and load it up in the back. Boom, personal car transport. Now, use  the rest of the space you have and make it into a mobile home, and there you have it, the coolest motor home of all because it’s a firetruck.

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