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    Winter Depression- Is it Real?


    Who doesn’t love summer? The hot sun beating down your neck, the sweat dripping down your back, and the beautiful temperatures. People are so active in the summer. They are happy and relaxed. What happens when it is over?

    The warm sun turns into dangerous clouds. The sweat dripping down your back comes from all of the layers you have to wrap up in just to get the mail. Everyone is tired, cold, and unhappy. Winter depression is real. It is real and dangerous.

    I have noticed that in the winter time, no one wants to leave their house or go out. Everyone sits around and curls up in a blanket and does absolutely nothing. Nothing gets done. No one has the motivation to go anywhere or do anything. You begin to feel gross and boring.

    In the winter time, children’s grades start to drop and absences spike. Most people blame the children for being lazy and not caring. That is not it. There is nothing they can do about it. Yet, they still get blamed for feeling the way they do; tired. The cold is a dangerous thing not just physically, but also mentally. It is draining. “I have noticed that when the weather is nice, I have the motivation to do anything and everything. When it is cold out, I do not even want to leave my bed. I have such a hard time doing my work or even just leaving my bed,” said Lakewood High School freshman Ashley Rosa.

    Kids are not the only humans who experience this type of depression. It happens to anyone. Adults call off work more or lay in bed and let the dust pile up in the house. They feel as gross as it looks outside. People need to be cut a break. When winter depression hits, it hits hard and for a very long time.

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