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    Lakewood Police Launch Online Tool


    The Lakewood Police Department has released an online tool called, “Police-2-Citizen Portal”. The online portal allows residents to request records, view arrests, request vacation watches, and more.

    Lakewood Police Chief, Timothy Malley, said, “This portal underscores the Lakewood Police Department’s commitment to enhancing their service to residents and visitors. “We ask that citizens begin to utilize the portal and share their experiences with us so that we may continue to improve it.”

    Lakewood Mayor, Mike Summers, added, “This important new tool will increase our already robust citizen and police relationship. We know that we are safer when our citizens are engaged and participating in our safety. This new tool advances our safety.”

    The online portal allows residents to submit tips, search sheltered animals, view closed calls, commend officers, view a community calendar, view crash reports, report incidents, view missing persons, request a vacation watch, view police reports, and more.

    The system has raised concerns with some Lakewood residents. A Lakewood High School student, who wanted to remain anonymous, said, “I think that it violates someone’s privacy – being able to look up these records online.”

    It is also important to know that this web portal does not replace the police department’s phone numbers. If there is an emergency, you should still call 911. Citizens can also still call the police department at 216-521-6773. The portal can be found at

    When Lakewood High School studnet, Alexandria Solomon, heard about the new web portal, she said, “I’m glad that they’re trying to make a better effort to communicate with their citizens – it makes everybody’s lives a little easier.”


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