What is the Best Season?

What is the Best Season?

Lauren Jones

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter: The 4 seasons we experience in 1 year. We all have our thoughts on why we think a single season is the best. People like Spring for the warm weather, gardening, playing outside, and etc. People like Summer for vacation from school, swimming, traveling, and etc. People like Fall for the leaves falling and changing colors, Halloween, apple picking, and etc. People like Winter for the snow, holidays, gifts, and etc.

As we enter a new school year in the months of August/September, we go through the season of Fall, in December up until March, we go through Winter, from March until June, we go through Spring, and then Summer for the months of June to August.

We all have our own opinions about the certain seasons that we like. Some people don’t like Winter because of the cold and some people don’t like Summer because of the heat.

Here are some LHS students who have voiced their opinion on what they think is the best season.

“Fall is the best season! It’s not too hot, not too cold and the drinks are amazing! No one likes pumpkin spice but everyone still gets excited for it!” Lakewood High School sophomore Jenny Ngo says.

“I like summer.” Lakewood High School senior Kaitlyn Rosa says.

“Summer is my favorite season of the year.” Lakewood High School senior Madyson Al-Ghaben says.

So, with the up-coming conclusion of this school year and nearing the start of Summer, what is your favorite season?