New Coach

New Coach

Mya Amato

The Cleveland Cavaliers started the week off with hiring a fresh new coach. On Monday, Michigan coach John Beilein agreed to a five-year deal to take over as Cleveland’s head coach.

He has coached at The University Of Michigan since 2007 and saw success in the Wolverines program, and made the final four twice along with winning the Big Ten twice. He also has led division one teams at West Virgina, Richmond and Canisius.

After 12 years dedicated to Michigan, he was very prepared to inform the team how proud he was and how they will be greatly missed.

With no prior NBA experience, this news seemed to shock many and it was not widely considered that he would be in the running for the cav’s job. Michigan announced that there will be no press conference today or in the future.

They are working on putting together statements and other items and will distribute those as soon as they can.  However, talks between Beilein and Cleveland reportedly escalated over the weekend and he informed Michigan of his intent to accept the Cavs job on Monday.

Financials have not yet been released but Beilein had a $3.37 million annual salary at Michigan.

Sophomore Nina Bowers says, “I believe the team should be happy for their coach to be moving up. It’s a great accomplishment and only comes to few every so often.”

Junior Kirk Martin feels, “As a Cleveland fan, I’m very happy to hear that we are adding a new addition and hope to have a great outcome from it.”