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    Liam Markos

    Liam Markos

    Liam Marcos is a Freshman at Lakewood High School.  Liam plays on the freshman baseball team as well as getting great grades to go along with it.  Liam is next in line to be the Sophomore class Vice President.  He plans to be the best he can be and meet all of the sophomore classes needs.

    Q: How does it feel that you a going to be the Sophomore class Vice President next year?

    A:  I am very excited to be the next Sophomore class vice president.  I am planning to work with the Sophomore class President to make the changes that are needed.  I am very excited to see what we can do.

    Q:  Do you think it will be hard to juggle Baseball, being class president, and school work next year?

    A:  Yes, very hard because I am probably going to start right field on the JV baseball team.  I am going to have to put a lot of effort into all of the work needed to meet the needs of the baseball team and the sophomore class while still getting good grades.

    Q:  What position do you play in baseball and do you plan on playing all four years of Highschool?

    A:  I play Right field, and I do plan in playing all four years of high school.  I am very excited for when I am a senior and get to walk out on the field during senior night.

    Q:  Do you like being on the freshman baseball team?

    A:  Yes I love being in the freshman baseball team because of being able to hang out with all of my friends everyday.  I also love being on the team because of how much I get to play favorite sport.  I am willing to give it my all next year to start on the JV baseball team.

    Q:  After you and your team wins a game how do you celebrate it?

    A:  Well, we have only won one gave over the course of the season, but we were pretty happy when this happened.  I was a big part of the win walking four different times and scoring on two of those occasions.

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