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    Steak ‘n Shake No More


    Recently, Steak’n Shake’s corporate branch has made some questionable decisions. They’ve closed 5 locations in Northeast Ohio. Their most recent, the Kamm’s corner location, got the axe.

    What has led to all these closings of many Lakewood students’ favorite fast food restaurants? It goes all the way to the top.

    Last year, Steak’n Shake announced they’d be closing many of their corporate-owned restaurants. This means trouble for just about anyone in Northeast Ohio, as almost all of the stores in the area are owned corporately.

    What is the plan now? Its uncertain, but Steak’n Shake doesn’t want to close all of its locations for good. Currently, the restaurant brand is looking for franchisees, or people who would be willing to make the investment to start the business back up.

    This could take some time, since many people don’t have the capital to begin a Steak’n Shake from the ground up again. Admittedly, many fans of the chain are upset. The nearest restaurant is located in Steelyard Commons, a far distance to travel for a shake.

    What will happen to the current restaurants? as of right now, they’ve set up a certain amount of time each building will stand until they demolish them, due to a lack of franchisees. Hopefully many people around Northeast Ohio will try to revive their presence here.

    It’s unclear as of now if Steak’n Shake will continue here, but many are worried we have seen the end of days for the restaurant chain, unless franchisees start lining up. But for now, Steak’n Shake is over in Northeast Ohio for the large part.

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