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    Christine Larson


    Christine Larson is a senior at Lakewood High School. However, she has had a very unique high school experience. She went on exchange as a sophomore to Peru. When she came back she participated in Lakewood’s Dual Enrollment program. Through Dual Enrollment, Christine took classes at Cleveland State University for her junior and senior year of high school. I took the opportunity to talk to Ms.Larson about her unusual path and asked her questions about the experiences.

    Question: Why did you decide to go on exchange to Peru?

    Answer: My older sister, Emma Larson, went on exchange to Germany when she was in high school. Since then I always had dreamed of going myself. I love to travel and wanted to get to learn a new language along the way. Thanks to Rotary Program my dreams came true and I had the experience of a lifetime in Peru.

    Question: What was it like leaving your family and friends in Lakewood for the year to go to Peru?

    Answer: It was hard at times, especially in the beginning. I was put out of my comfort zone in a country that spoke a different language than me. However, as time went on my host family became a second family to me and I made so many close friends. I got homesick on occasions but I am so glad I went.

    Question: Why did you decide to take classes at Cleveland State University instead of at Lakewood High School when you returned from your exchange?

    Answer: I wanted to be able to work more hours and have a schedule I could design. I also got to get two years of college under my belt without paying a dime. I think Dual Enrollment is an amazing program and I am happy to see more students taking advantage of it!

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