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    Social Media Influencers


    Nowadays there are social media influencers everywhere for things that truly do not need to have influencers. Kids just follow in the influencers footsteps. They think that they have to be exactly like the influencers to have a happy life. They love to copy their every move to feel just like them, but do you really want to be them?

    When you become a social media influencer everyone is out to get you. You will always have people to dislike you, do you want people to always dislike you? There is always beef with someone else who is also a social media influencer. Not everyone can just get along and be happy. They always have to be fighting with someone for the most pointless reasons that are so dramatic.

    Most social media influencers have younger audiences and they are teaching them all of the wrong ways to live. Since they watch them they want to copy their lifestyle and if they do something wrong then the kids will copy. They do not set good examples for the kids. They do what they want without taking in consideration of the kids who watch them as well.

    “Social media influencers trick kids into thinking that they have to live the perfect lives and gets like to be happy,” said junior Halle Breudigam. The kids that watch these influencers do not realize that half the time the influencers life is sad and they are not happening behind the camera, but we never see that side.

    We only see the happy, smiley, open and talkative side of them, never the side they do not want us to see.

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