Katie Booth

Katie Booth

Katie Booth

My time at Lakewood High School was full of ups and downs. From failing a test to making new friends, my experience at Lakewood High School helped shape who I am now.

One of my favorite memories from high school was taking cinema with Mr.Ebner my freshman year and being in that class with my older sister.

I have lots of favorite memories, but the most important ones are about making friends. I’ve known all my current friends for a long time but I didn’t actually become friends with them until around the middle of my sophomore year.

From teaming up for assignments or just messing around during lunch, making the friends I have now was my favorite part about high school. I know that these friends are lifelong friends and I can always depend on them.

Some advice I would give to the underclassmen is to enjoy the time you have. Don’t try to grow up so fast. Enjoy this time with your friends and your teachers and even your family. Once you’re at the end of the line you’ll look back and realize how quickly it flew by.

Also, if you plan on going to college, take the ACT and SAT seriously! Study for them and take them seriously. They can save you a lot of money in the long run.

My plans for next year is going to Bowling Green State University! Go Falcons! I’m rooming with one of my best friends since elementary school and plan to major in Forensic Biology and Examination. While I know many people end up switching majors, maybe even me, this is what I’m going in for.

High School has been an amazing experience full of tears and laughter and a ton of stories to tell. I’ll always be thankful for my journey, and it’s bittersweet to see it coming to an end.