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    Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones

    My 4 years at Lakewood High School was quite a journey. There has been so many memories that I have made during my time here.

    One of my favorite memories here has been part of Dance Group, although I didn’t do it Freshman year, I’m very grateful that I did it for the past 3 years. Dance Group has made me a more open person, helped make new friends, and find something to talk about with people I already know.

    Here’s some advice that I want to give to the underclassmen.

    1. If you are interested in doing an after-school activity/club even if only a little, go for it.

    Like I said before, I didn’t do Dance Group Freshman year and that’s the one thing in high school that I regret.

    2. Be sure to have ProgressBook

    Your teachers probably tell you this all the time but ProgressBook actually helped me a lot this school year. Looking at my grades on there REALLY motivated me to do better because my G.P.A. ,when senior year started for me, was 3.208 and I didn’t want to go below 3.2 for worrying that my college chances would be lower. So MAKE SURE that you have your ProgressBook set up so you can look at your grades and find what’s missing. That 10 point assignment could mean the difference between a passing grade and a failing grade.

    3. Don’t be worried about what others say about you

    In high school, people will start to make up false rumors and they’ll believe them before even knowing you. So when people make those up about, don’t let them get to you and just be who you are and don’t try to change yourself because of so.

    After I graduate from LHS, I’m heading to The University of Akron to major in Education because I want to teach since I want to do a different way of teaching to get all students excited to come to school.

    I’ll sure miss this school for the teachers, staff, and students I get to know even if it was only for 1 school year. Take care LHS and GO RANGERS!

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