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    Teacher Duct Tapes Student’s Mouth


    Latoya Davis, a special education teachers’ aid from New York, has been arrested and charged for allegedly duct taping a student’s wrists and mouth. According to court records, the aid was charged with two misdemeanors,  unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a child.

    The alleged incident occurred on April 10th, when Latoya Davis asked a fellow teacher for some heavy-duty tape. Davis then proceeded to wrap the tape around the student’s wrists and forearms, “three to five times”, even after a teacher had told her to stop. The teacher that provided this information to the courts also stated that Davis, “cut an additional piece of tape and placed it across the student’s mouth before ripping it off.”

    Davis is due in court on June 5th. Additionally, she has pleaded not guilty to both misdemeanor charges. Nothing is known currently about what the student had done to receive this harsh punishment. However, this information may be revealed during the court hearing.

    The school was alerted to this incident the day after, on April 11th. Latoya Davis was fired for her actions towards the student. Two additional staff (a teacher and a teacher’s aid) who had witnessed the events but did not intervene, resigned from their positions.

    When Lakewood High School student, Katherine Skourlis, heard about the horrific incident she said, “This is completely wrong from both the teachers–the one who did it and the one who didn’t do anything–because a teachers’ job is to protect students, not bring harm to them. They shouldn’t be hired as teachers again if that’s how they act.”






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