Tyler Zidick

Tyler Zidick

Aidan Sterling

The student of the week is Tyler Zidick. He is a freshman at Lakewood High School. I asked Tyler some questions about the year and himself and these were his responses.

Q: How has your freshman year gone now that it is almost over?

A: “I was an amazing year, and now since it is almost over it is even better!”

Q: Do you play any sports or are apart of any after school clubs?

A: “I run Track currently.”

Q: What do you plan on doing after high school?

A: “After high school, I plan on going into construction.”

Q: Are you interested in going into any specific majors yet?

A: “I haven’t thought that far into my future.” 

Q: Do you have a job or any after school activities right now?

A: “Right now, I’m working at a bakery.”

Q: How do you think your Sophomore year is going to go based on this year?

A: “I think my Sophomore year will be much easier than Freshman year.”

Q: What are your grades looking like this late into the year?

A: “My grades are not perfect but they are not horrible.  They range around A’s and C’s.”