Logan Mitchell

Logan Mitchell

Sean Teets

Logan Mitchell. What other way is there to describe Logan Mitchell than athletic, smart, and just an all-around awesome guy. He has played Soccer for the high-school for two years and also started running track this year. While playing soccer he has learned strict and remarkable morals such as “waking up on time to something that you don’t want to go to in order to better myself in the future.”.


Question: How do you think playing sports for Lakewood High-school has helped your social status throughout the school?


Answer: It is really nice to have friends through the school and help me get through my day. The unending support of the group is encouraging and I am enthralled with the amount of involvement my teammates have with my scholastic achievements as well as my athletic achievements.


Question: Are you involved with any West Shore classes?

Answer: Freshman year I was in the Intro to Engineering course but I had dropped it for Sophomore year but now Junior year I have enrolled in the new Sports Exercise and Science course that was added to the course catalog this year. I am excited to pursue my career as a Physical Therapist and help others with their bodies as well as perfecting mine.


Question: While playing sports is it hard to balance an equal life?

Answer: At first as Freshman it was difficult to balance but as I have gotten older I learned to balance both my life inside and outside of school in addition to having a functioning social life.