Sam Stone

Sam Stone


I’ve been in the Lakewood school system since kindergarten. Many of us were, but it still hasn’t processed that I’m about to leave something that was really my whole life. 6-8 hours of my day were in some school.


Even more if you count the hours I spent working with Barnstormers, acting, working in crew, directing my own show. I have my fondest memories in that time with the club. From my freshman show, Elephant’s Graveyard to the final banquet to say goodbye and watch the officers pass on the torch. My favorite show I ever did was Laramie Project and I felt like we were making a change by raising money to donate to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.


I wish I did more still. I worked to do that this year, being an elf, auditioning for commencement. There was more missed out on. Pep rallies, football games, clubs. So do more. Drop in to informational meetings and take fliers, talk to people. Don’t just go home after school. There are things I looked at and told myself “drop in next week,” and here we are—the last week of my high school career.


Though there are many that did more than me, and those are the people I’m sure I’ll look back on and remember ten years from now.


After graduation comes, I’ll be taking a gap year. I’ll be working and taking online classes. After this, I’ll be attending University of Toledo and hope to study pharmaceuticals. I chose to wait due to this year being busy for personal reasons and college in fall wasn’t feasible.


The break after 13 years of chugging along is much welcomed, even if it doesn’t sound quite like a vacation.