Helping Children in Need

Helping Children in Need

Madeline Cummings

Vicki Sokolik is a women in Florida who is working with runaway children, many of whom are LGBTQ, or kids from abusive homes, who do can not apply to foster care because they removed themselves from the situation rather than being removed by social securities.

Sokolik was first introduced to this problem when her son’s friend was in danger of becoming homeless and she helped the girl find a home the resources she needed.

This inspired her to help more children. In 2007 she started “Starting Right, Now” a nonprofit organization that helps teens 15-19 find a home, graduate from high school and move onto their next step in life.

Students will have access to tutoring, therapy and skills classes. Her organization has helped over 200 kids and about 95% of them graduated high school and went to college/ trade school/ the military.

Sokolik is there for them 24/7 she takes calls and texts from them whenever they need to talk . She wants each kid to reach their full potential and wants them to feel like their voices are being heard.

She says “There is really a lot of shame that homeless unaccompanied youth, so they really become this invisible population.” Sokolik has been doing her hardest to make these kids feel safe and most importantly welcome.