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    Raising Cane’s Confirmed


    After not being sure if Lakewood would finally get its much-anticipated Raising Cane’s restaurant, we now know for sure that we can expect it to open in September of this year.  

    As we all know, Raising Cane’s will take the place of the old Bob Evans restaurant. The address will remain the same at 14115 Detroit Avenue, just west of GetGo. Many people are getting prepared for when it opens, even though it will still be months away before opening day.

    Already there are job applications out for those wanting to apply for both regular, full-time jobs, as well as full-time management positions.

    The old Bob Evans building has been cleared for a few weeks now, already showing how quickly they’re preparing for the new restaurant.

    Back in 2018, a Raising Cane’s franchisee submitted a proposal to tear down the existing Bob Evans building and to build the fast food restaurant where it once stood. The planned layout for the building includes a drive-thru, dining room with a capacity of 76 people, and a covered patio with space for 26 people to sit.

    Although there was some backlash from some Lakewood City Council members when it came to putting in another fast food restaurant, they were still given the green light to go ahead and got to work.

    “I didn’t know about it up until a few months ago when nobody was sure if it would be rejected or not,” said Lakewood High junior Hana Johnson.

    I’m glad they eventually did something with that building and lot instead of letting it just sit there.

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