Google Unveils $399 Phone, CIA Privacy Moves

Google Unveils $399 Phone, CIA Privacy Moves

Tony Cunningham

Recently, Google revealed a new phone, costing up to $399. As a result, the CIA has been doing some rather interesting things.

The Google Pixel 3A, the newest phone announced by Google, with a starting price of $399, could possibly bring in plenty of new customers for the company. Some of the features that this phone possess include a decent enough camera, nice battery life, as well as a Google Assistant.

Tor, an anonymity service, has been acquired by the CIA, but it’s most likely been more pain than expected. The CIA is planning on setting up an “onion service,” which is a separate version of the website that people from all over the world can use anonymously.

Lakewood High School Junior Collin McDermott says, “The CIA invades our privacy too much.”

This is especially interesting when it comes to children, as phones have become somewhat of a distraction for kids and teenagers in the eyes of adults, such as parents, teachers, etc. This is especially important when it comes to a child’s development, as kids and teenagers are said to be too distracted by phones, and it’s highly recommended that kids and teenagers are to be taught on how to be independent individuals.

It’s rather interesting and intriguing that the CIA has become so involved with these new releases by Google, as their reaction is rather surprising in the eyes of some. The CIA setting up shop on Tor, an anonymous browser, is a bold move and is somewhat out of the blue, especially following another Google release.