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    Dayton Slammed by Storms


    Late Monday night, tornadoes made their way through Dayton, Ohio and surrounding neighborhoods. According to the National Weather Service, “at least an EF3 tornado with winds up to 140 mph” hit the Dayton suburban neighborhood of Beavercreek. The NWS also stated that similar winds hit another Dayton suburb, Trotwood.

    The reported EF3 tornado was classified as “severe” on the Fujita Scale, a scale on which tornadoes are rated from 0 to 5.

    These storms have so far resulted in one death, of 81-year-old Melvin Dale Hannah of Celina, Ohio – about 58 miles north of Dayton. According to Celina Mayor Jeffery Hazel, Hannah’s cause of death was, “as the direct result of a vehicle entering his house.”

    Ohio’s governor, Mike DeWine, said the damage was “shocking” as he surveyed the damage from a helicopter. The fire chief of Harrison Township, a town about 5 miles north of Dayton, Mark Lynch, said that the town appeared to be hit by “World War III”.

    Over 50,000 people in the Dayton area were without power on Tuesday morning. Residents were being asked to converse their water supplies as electricity to major water pumping stations was knocked out due to the storm.

    This storm that hit the Dayton area also caused gas leaks and damaged homes 75 miles away in Pendleton, Indiana. An additional 51 tornadoes were reported in Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska on Monday night into early Tuesday morning.

    When Lakewood High School junior, Alex Solomon, heard about the tragic events in Dayton and other communities, she said, “It is kind of surprising to see tornadoes in Ohio, we typically don’t see tornadoes here, let alone those of that kind of severity. My thoughts are with those effected.”



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