Tornadoes Strike Ohio

Tornadoes Strike Ohio

Samuel Csora

Monday night and some of Tuesday morning, there was a terrible tornado storm in Dayton Ohio. The weather report has told us that the week is still not over and that the tornadoes may strike again. There were two tornadoes last night and the national weather service told us that the tornadoes last night were only thirty minutes apart. 

There was also another tornado seventy-five miles away from Dayton. This tornado had also injured multiple people. 

The first tornado in Dayton hit across I-75 at around 11:00 pm on Monday. This first tornado is what set off the alarm for the people to get somewhere safe, quickly. The second tornado had hit about three miles away on a different highway. A very surprising out come when it comes to the amount of injures due to the tornadoes. Only 3 minor injures were reported to the fire department. 

More than seventy-thousand citizens were effected by the tornado when it came to their power. Many utility customers were also effected. The weather service will be conducting damage surveys for the next few days in the areas of Celina, New Madison, Laura, Dayton and Laurelville.

According to CNN meteorologist around 540,000 people were under  tornado watch on early Tuesday morning.

The only real plus side to look at from all the tornado attacks, is that all three of them were expected to happen. This is very important because it really helps people get safe.

Sean Teets said in a very nervous and chilling way, “I don’t like the dang tornadoes”.