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    Amazon Removes Autism “Cure” Books


    Since the rise of anti-vaxxers, books and other misleading scientific studies have been published linking autism and other conditions to vaccinations. In the past few days, Amazon has removed more than a dozen of these books which claim to cure autism through various chemicals and techniques.

    These now removed books detailed how to make various concoctions such as chlorine dioxide which were said to cure anything to malaria to childhood autism. The Food and Drug Administration has recently reminded consumers that these cures have no possible health benefits and can cause permanent harm.

    Even with these books ceasing to be sold to the public through a major retailer, if someone is deeply invested in something that they believe in they can and will find material to read and believe true.

    Varying reports have named vaccines to cause cancer and autism and a slew of other aliments while others have cited no link between vaccines and any aliments. These reports have confused the public into not knowing what is true and what is not, benefiting the cause of the anti-vaxxers.

    This big step that Amazon has taken is helping to save lives of unknowing children and the  confused minds of anti-vaxxer parents. However, more can and should be done to end the practice of anti-vaxxers to save their lives and the health of people who are vaccinated.

    Simple things such as not allowing unvaccinated kids to attend school can help alleviate the issues of children dying due to a lack of vaccinations. Logan Banhidy is current with all of his vaccinations and has said, “I’ve gotten t0ns of vaccinations and I’m still here today, just fine. I probably wouldn’t be if I didn’t get them.”

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