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    Homeroom: Helpful or a Waste?

    Homeroom: Helpful or a Waste?

    Homeroom, a short 15 minutes.

    To do what? It can help you get homework done that you didn’t finish the day before, take a chill pill to relax, or create a bond with an adult in case you need someone to talk to.

    But is it always like this? Is it always this helpful? Maybe you don’t need to do homework because you get it done, and maybe you don’t need a bond. Maybe it’s boring because you have nothing to do. Is it a waste of 15 minutes? Or a helpful 15 minutes?

    “Very helpful, very very helpful,” said a junior named Nathan Carson.

    So what does this say about homeroom? To our  juniors it means it can be a very helpful tool to help students. However, it also needs some work, because it’s not at it’s full potential. *It could use work for it to really get going.*

    “Waste of my time,” says sophomore Randy Connelly.

    “No point of homeroom,” agrees sophomore Shawn Cabell.

    From our two sophomores, homeroom is a waste, and there’s no point. It’s just something in the way and there’s no use. Those 15 minutes could be used for something else, something with value.

    So in conclusion homeroom needs work, it’s not to its top. It can be helpful yet it can also be a waste in some situations.

    Homeroom should be worked on more, and maybe soon everyone in Lakewood high would see it as a helpful tool.




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