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    Lakewood Homes are the New Popular Trend on the Market


    Finding a perfect city to live in can be difficult with all the picky wants. Having a major attraction, well-rated schools for your children, and walkable community entertainment are always a win-win. A perfect home that suits everything that your family needs — where do we even find those?

    Lakewood, Ohio has become the new hit on where people want to buy houses. Over the last few years, a typical single family home has increased by 52% in worth. It is now so much harder to find a home in Lakewood as people move to the city.


    Lakewood already has so many attractions for people; even more plans are on the way. The community has much to explore around the city for entertainment all year-long. The Lakewood City Council approved the plan to design the One Lakewood Place project.

    The photograph above is a planned layout of what the new Downtown Development of Lakewood goal looks like.

    The home property increase is significant in this plan, for many people want to be in the city. Lakewood has been considered as Ohio’s most densely populated city. According to the statistics from estimations of Rich Exner, 5.5 square miles packs 50,100 people.

    According to a chart containing Cleveland cities, Lakewood has the highest rate of home sale price under 5 years. Some might ask why other popular large cities in the Cleveland area are not this way. Renovated public schools for each class, unique restaurants, and outdoor/indoor attractions caught people’s eye to make their living.

    From many real estate agents and Lakewood homeowners, Lakewood is the place to start your everyday. Everywhere you walk, there is something  to experience.

    Check out Lakewood, Ohio if you are looking for something to do in the Cleveland area! So many things for you to do and enjoy in one place. The home prices have increased gradually in five years and that does somewhat change Lakewood as a city. Lakewood can only get better as more big plans are coming in the next few years.

    However, if your family is looking for a place to live, definitely put Lakewood on the list.

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