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    Help Save the Planet! Recycling at LHS


    This year, Lakewood High School is going to begin recycling. In past years, recycled materials have ended up in the trash.

    In order for there to be change, everyone needs to be informed and educated on why recycling is such a big issue. According to BYU Idaho, only 32% of the total waste produced in the United States is recycled.

    Lakewood High School can help save the environment. By recycling a plastic water bottle or paper you don’t need anymore, you can be a part of the solution.

    In an interview with Ms. May, she shared her thoughts on the impact and importance of recycling.

    Q: How do you think recycling impacts the world?

    A:  Recycling is a necessity for our world today. If we can recycle or find ways to reuse items, we can decrease the amount of waste that makes its way to landfills. Take plastic, for instance. It cannot be destroyed safely and it will never disintegrate. Once created, it will remain on this earth forever. By recycling plastic, we can use the material for other things.

    Q: What do you think is the most important thing students, faculty, and staff need to know about recycling?

    A: Being informed about recycling and what is actually recyclable can ensure that the correct items find their way to the recycling plant to be recycled or reused. I think by increasing people’s knowledge of recycling, we in turn raise their awareness to the environmental issues we are currently facing, such as pollution and waste management. It’s all of our choices combined that will ultimately effect our planet.

    Remember to think before you throw out that plastic water bottle. Recycling matters!

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