Maddy McFarlin

Maddy McFarlin

Cassidy Baldridge

Maddy McFarlin is a senior at Lakewood High School.  She is involved in many activities and takes many classes that require a lot of time outside of school. When asking her questions, this is how she responded:


“Are you involved with any out of school activities?”

She said she is involved in many activities. She has been on the swim team all four years of high school and she also does the stats for volleyball, so she gets to watch her friends play. She babysits whenever she gets the chance and lifeguards over the summer and sometimes indoors over the winter and spring. She is a part of Casey’s Kids — an organization to encourage others how live a healthy lifestyle. She participates in another organization called Young Life that helps kids understand faith while having a blast.

“What are your future plans?”

She plans on going to college somewhere in Rhode Island or attend Ohio University. She plans to major in social work. She wants to get a job doing social work after college to help with foster homes and help kids find their perfect home.

“How do you manage your school work with your life outside of school?”

She manages her time by doing her schoolwork whenever she has a little bit of free time. Whenever she has a free day she will do as much of her work as possible just to get it all done and over with and on time. Her school work is her number one priority, so she takes advantage of the free time she has.