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    Raising Canes Coming Soon


    This September, Raising Canes will hold their grand opening.

    Along with their opening, they are looking for new employees — roughly 100 and are encouraging Lakewood High students to submit applications in the coming weeks.  You can apply to work full time or part time but if you are interested in working there you need to submit applications as soon as possible so you can become trained and learn all the ins and outs of serving delicious golden chicken tenders and texas toast.

    Their location of the restaurant will be at 14115 Detroit where Bob Evans used to be.  Along with their location the time of the exact opening has not been released yet but their hours of operation are said to be 10am to 11pm Sunday through Thursday and 10am to 12am Friday and Saturday.

    With opening day coming up soon Raising Canes Ohio Marketing Director Matt Salts commented about being the newest edition to the Lakewood community saying “its such a great community” and he doesn’t know if he has ever seen a tighter community than Lakewood.

    That is why Canes wanted to come to Lakewood because they do not want one of their restaurants on every corner; they want to be a community restaurant and really be able to connect with the community.


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