Raising Canes Finally Set an Opening Date in Lakewood

Raising Canes Finally Set an Opening Date in Lakewood

Chloe Fielder

Lakewood is finally ready for the grand opening of Raising Cane’s to be apart of its community. Raising Cane’s is a popular fast food restaurant that serves chicken and other enjoyable menu items. Strongsville, Ohio is the only other location of Raising Cane’s of the Cleveland area. This will make Lakewood a top hit for eatery and attractions as this fast food restaurant is much desired. As many people have been waiting for its opening while watching the construction since May, the opening will be on September 24, 2019.

The new Raising Cane’s of the Cleveland area was chosen to be in Lakewood, Ohio. Why would Lakewood be the best location for such? According to Eric Ognero, the Raising Cane’s president, “…we have found the perfect location in Lakewood, just west of downtown.” This could totally be correct, as Lakewood is surrounded by many cities that could make a quick stop. Lakewood is a walking community and highly populated in that..

Bob Evans was located at 14115 Detroit Avenue which is where Raising Cane’s will take over. (to the right of GetGo) It is a perfect location for Lakewood citizens of nearby cities for a quick meal. Lakewood High School students can easily transport here after sporting events, dances, and school days. This obviously will make the business keep its success which should make no issue of closing in that area.

Stay tuned until the time comes to the grand opening. More information to the public will be released when it comes closer to September 24th. Searching for a job to work full or part-time, this restaurant is in need of help. From job searches, there are plenty of openings to join the Raising Cane’s team. Any interest to apply, the Raising Cane’s website has a list of employment opportunities.