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    Lilly Metzger


    After being thrown into a new environment, Lilly Metzger is thriving as a freshman at Lakewood High School. In just four weeks, she has learned how to juggle all of her extracurricular activities while maintaining a high GPA.

    Lilly is a Rangerette, plays the violin in the Lakewood Project, takes dance classes at the Beck Center, and still makes time for homework, friends, and family.

    During an interview, Lilly shared her secrets to success and advice for future freshmen.

    How do you balance all of your after school activities?

    “I try to balance everything but it can still get overwhelming.”

    How do you deal with the stress?

    “I deal with stress by talking with my friends. This helps because it allows me to vent to people who I trust. Also, they will help me through the stress. They are my support.”

    Do you have any plans for the future, whether they are in high school or beyond?

    “After high school I plan on going to college. I am not sure which one but I think I will go to one for the arts. As for my later years in high school, I plan on working to the best of my abilities and graduating with good grades.”

    What is your advice for next year’s freshmen?

    “My advice to freshmen next year is to start off slow. Really try to get your feet grounded and learn how every class works. It will help you be less stressed and overwhelmed.”

    Lilly Metzger is a perfect example for a positive role model at Lakewood High School. She is a well-rounded athlete, artist, and student, and shows us what a true ranger looks like.

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