Vignette by Mike Drewke

Mike Drewke

A guitar is an instrument that has six strings on it and is made out of wood. However, this instrument is so much more than just a chunk of wood with dusty strings on it. This guitar is a story in the making. Every little scratch, knick, and ding is a new story. You have the ability to listen to it’s stories by simply playing one note. You have the power to make the instrument speak and tell you it’s history. I own a 1956 Fender telecaster. This guitar, is not just an instrument. It’s a part of history. All the scratches and chipped paint tells you a fascinating story. This piece of wood has been through a lot. All you have to do is look at spots where paint used to be, however now it is nude wood and it will intimidate you with it’s wisdom. Many people have made this guitar sing and contributed to its powerful story.


As everyday passes, this instrument witnesses something new. This guitar has been creating a story of its own life since 1956. No matter how much money it is worth, no matter who can buy it. No one will ever be able to tell you it’s exact story except for the instrument itself. Many people think a guitar is just a “guitar.” It is so much more than just an instrument. A guitar is like a book. Some are brand new with blank white pages, whilst others are journals that someone has been writing in for years. With every pluck of a string, it is a new song it is singing. Every show that the instrument is played in, is a new chapter of its life. While playing the guitar, you do not have to sing. The guitar sings for you. The instrument captures your feelings and brings them alive. The guitar is a translation of your voice. All you have to do is let it speak it’s wisdom.