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    The Danger of Thunderstorms at Friday Night Games


    Last Friday, September 7th, a crazy thunderstorm came to be.

    Marching band students could have easily been struck by lighting. There are metal instruments, big and small, scattered throughout the band making them targets of lighting. Football players wear uniforms with metal embedded in the suits, also making them targets. Even the audience for the games are in danger.

    It’s the riskiest for the people coming to watch the games. They could easily get hurt because they have nowhere to go if the storms get too bad. Marching band and the football players have somewhere to go, but where can the people go?

    We can’t always predict the weather. Sometime we think it’ll be sunny when it turns out cloudy. There’s no defiant answer. But the people shouldn’t be pushed out onto the street when lighting and harsh rain comes when least expected. The people should be let inside. They paid good money and came to watch the game, they don’t deserve to be in danger.

    There should be somewhere the people can go. Last Friday, nobody knew where to go, nobody knew what was going on, it was chaos. It should be handled calmly and efficiently.

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