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    The Uprising XC Star: Sadie Gregg


    The speed demon of a freshman, our own Sadie Gregg has been killing it on the girl’s varsity cross-country team. Last Saturday was an awful course at the McDonough Invitational meet.

    It was 90 degrees, sunny, late in the day, and it was time to run a 5k with the star of the show: a hill the size of a mountain. So to put it frankly, it was not ideal running circumstances, but that didn’t stop these varsity ladies.

    They all ran amazing times, and Sadie Gregg lead the team the whole way, taking 4th overall with a time of 21:04 behind all juniors and seniors! Making the girls win their first first-place trophy of the season. Congratulations ladies!

    Not only does Sadie run cross-country, but also runs indoor and outdoor track and field. All while managing a social and family life, and getting all her work done. Sadie is the perfect embodiment of a hard-working Lakewood athlete, but how does she do it all with such a busy agenda?

    The varsity girl’s team showing off their first first-place trophy, with many more to come.

    Q: How does it feel coming off of such a fantastic race last Saturday?

    A: “I am definitely excited for the future races, but overwhelmed to better the next race, since I’m being held to a higher standard now. I am pumped to continue to improve by myself and as a team!”

    Q:  Knowing that running isn’t the most liked sport amongst athletes, what draws you to run?

    A: “The environment on the team is the main reason why I run cross-country; all the girls are so supportive and kind to one another. Plus I love that rush of adrenaline I get from crossing that finish line. Honestly I don’t really know why I do it; running is hard work and it hurts, but something keeps bringing me back.”

    Q: What advice would you give to the incoming freshmen coming into the sport next year about juggling school and running?

    A: “My main piece of advice for incoming freshman joining the team or new runners is to enjoy it. Don’t stress yourself too much about the meets, a small amount of nerves is okay, but don’t let it eat you up. Try your best to manage your time as well as possible, get close with the team, and finish as fast as you started.”

    So early in the season and improving each week, you should keep an eye on this girl! Only a freshman and running with the top dogs, the sky is the limit for this young athlete.

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