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    Heroes run


    The Cleveland Heroes run is a race that has taken place every September for the past 18 years. It is either a 2 mile run or a 5 mile run depending on what you want to do. It is supposed to honor the fallen policemen and firemen of Cleveland.


    It takes $25 and you get a long sleeve shirt that says “heroes run” with whatever year it is. The money is then donated to fallen policemen and firemen as well as Fairview hospital who sponsors the race itself.

    The 2 mile race starts at Saint Joe’s and continues past the memorial that is on Rocky River Dr. and goes to Hogsback and then turns around.

    The 5 mile race also starts at Saint Joe’s and then goes down behind Fairview hospital and continues through the valley then goes up Hogsback and ends at Saint Joe’s.

    At the end of the race there are raffles, donations, and lots of food and drinks for everyone that finished the race. The Cleveland police department and fire department are there too showing off their vehicles

    This year there were 373 runners/walkers in the 2 mile run with 12-year-old boy winning the race with a time of 12:24.3.

    The 5 mile race had 322 runners/walkers. A 24-year-old man won the 5 mile race with a time of 29:41.3.

    LHS freshman Elise Schraibman has run the race every year since 2012. She said that “The race is easy and fun and well rewarded.” She ran and got thirteenth place with a time of 15:00.8.

    The next race will take place next September and registration begins in April.



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