Lakewood Girls Cross Country Conquering

Lakewood Girls Cross Country Conquering

Chloe Fielder

Fall sports that are bringing attention to homecoming and the whole school itself. As all sports succeed through their season, the Lakewood girls’ cross-country team has improved this 2019 fall season.

Cross country is a competitive sport for the runner and the team itself. It bases off of time and placement which makes cross-country a very challenging sport. Running for distance is not simple;  it takes much training and effort to make it all happen.

The Lakewood cross-country teams start training at the start of summer. Conditioning every summer morning at eight gradually improves each teammate for the actual season.

Workouts from summer to fall season include long runs (1 hour max), hill runs, tempo runs (speed), and interval runs. Runners also wake up early on Friday mornings before school to complete a run.

From the girls, first cross-country meet this season was at Lorain Community College where they placed sixth. Since then,  the team has won first place at back-to-back meets.

On September 14th, 2019, the team traveled to Forest Hill Parks for the McDonough Invite. Of the 13 teams competing in the race, the Lakewood girls managed to win their first place trophy.

That was not it. One week later at Valley Forge, the girls had something else to prove. Competing at the annual Valley Forge Invite also was a successful win of 14 teams total.

¨I think that our team is much stronger this year and that we are working hard at practice. Our team has improved so much that we our on our way to win conference,¨ claims Lindsay Gregg a sophomore runner.

This is incredible for the Lakewood cross-country girls. Every week it is something new for them, whether if it is a hard or good race. Enjoying pasta feed gatherings before a football game, bus rides, and especially being with each other is what makes cross country a sport to come back to. This is definitely not the end of it for this fall season, stay tuned in what the girls have to show us all again.