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    4 Places to Go to Instead of Starbucks

    4 Places to Go to Instead of Starbucks

    The long-awaited Lakewood Starbucks has finally opened its doors on Detroit Ave., complete with a drive-through line and the chain’s popular drinks. Though many insist that it draws a different crowd than local shops, there is still some concern about how the store will affect small businesses.

    Here are four great coffee shops to support instead of a large corporation.

    1. The Root Café

    The Root Café is located on Detroit, almost directly across from the new Starbucks, and workers have already spoken out against the chain with sidewalks signs proclaiming, “Resist the song of the siren! Support your local small biz,” and, “Your purchase is your vote!” This Lakewood institution serves Rising Star and duck-rabbit coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks. They have a wide variety of pastries, many of which are vegan, as well as an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with entirely vegan and vegetarian options. Be sure to check out their vegan pizzas with plenty of toppings!

    2. Nature’s Oasis

    Just down the street from the Root, Nature’s Oasis is a popular after-school and pre-work spot for many Lakewood residents, and the calm atmosphere that the shop maintains provides a wonderful space for doing homework or relaxing with friends and family. Their marketplace/café has plenty of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian items as well as meat options, not to mention a superb drink selection. (Seriously, their chai tea is to die for!)

    3. Blackbird Baking Company

    Blackbird Baking Company is right on the edge of Lakewood at the corner of Sloane Avenue and Detroit. Aside from the typical selection of coffee and drinks, they have freshly baked breads, muffins, scones, tarts, croissants, biscuits and cookies.

    “I love their food, and they always have a great atmosphere,” says Emily McIntire, a Lakewood High School senior. Take her advice and go check them out!

    4. Addicted

    Addicted has nearly any caffeinated (or decaffeinated) drink your heart could desire, from nitro brew to hot chocolate to a plain ‘ol cup of joe, plus their espresso bar comes fully equipped to create the perfect beverage. Located on Madison across from Lakewood High School, they are unique in that they also serve ice cream, towering sundaes and milkshakes, according to their website. Go in and take a look at their counter completely covered in pennies!


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