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    Restaurants on the Chart in Lakewood

    Restaurants on the Chart in Lakewood

    As Raising Cane´s just made their grand opening on September 24 this year, we cannot forget about other places to grab a bite in Lakewood.

    There are many places around to still enjoy as they have been around forever. If you and your family are looking for some unique restaurant in Lakewood, rely on these restaurants that are top-rated by the community.

    1)Thai Thai

    13735 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 

    Having a feel for Asian cuisine? Try Thai Thai for lunch or dinner that can happily serve you Bangkok-bites and bubble tea. Vegan and vegetarian food options are also available at this restaurant, which almost makes their food open to everyone. ¨

    2)Angelo’s Pizza

    13715 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio

    Pizza after a Friday night football game? Or pizza delivered to your door? Many people think yes according to its 4.6 ratings on Google. Tom Kess, who made his pizza restaurant a success since 1981 is proud of how the restaurant turned out to be. Angelo’s has options for many pizza choices, pasta, sides, and sandwiches. This restaurant gets packed, however, you can get the mouthwatering food directly to your door without time wasted. Angelo’s pizza has been a Lakewood favorite for years!


    15527 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio

    Looking for someplace to eat late at night? Barrio of Lakewood has that covered as it mainly closes at two – in the morning. It’s quite hippy for those who can enjoy that in the summer on the open garage or patio outside. This restaurant is a food chain company but is definitely a hit place for Lakewood. Food available options include build-your-own tacos and of course chips and dips. Barrio is open for children, however, it has a bar mainly for cocktails, etc. ¨I like the environment and the food is really good¨ claims Helen Hylton, a student at Lakewood High School.

    4)Melt Bar and Grilled

    14718 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio

    If plain boring sandwiches are not doing it anymore, Melt Bar and Grilled is for you! They serve many different food options such as gourmet sandwiches, appetizers, sides, and of course drinks. Their sandwiches are quite big and are a filling meal and started with just a grilled cheese and craft beer from Matt Fish’s story. Melt is a food chain in multiple cities near, Lakewood which makes it a hit for a place to eat and dine in.

    Of course, there are plenty of other places in Lakewood that definitely need to have a try. Save Cane’s for later! Check out these top-rated restaurants of Lakewood and write a review for others!

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