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    Win Streak for the 49ers


    The San Francisco 49ers have won their fourth game in a row at home against the Cleveland Browns. Before they won against the Browns, the 49ers Won against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Bengals, and the Steelers.  In the first game against the Bucs, the 49ers scored 31 points and won by a point difference of 14 points.

    In the second game against the Bengals the 49ers scored 10 points more than in the game before, and the Bengals scored the same amount of points that the Bucs did. Therefore the point difference in their second game was 24 points. In week 3 of the NFL season the 49ers only scored 24 against the Steelers but still got a close win with a point difference of 4 points.

    after the game against the Steelers the 49ers had a bye week. In week 5 the 49ers finally played against the Cleveland Browns at the Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. In the first half of the Game the 49ers Scored 2 touchdowns. The Browns didn’t score at all. In the Second half the 49ers scored another touchdown. The Browns finally scored too but only a field goal.

    In first quarter of the second half the 49ers scored again, one more touchdown. The Browns didn’t score. In the last quarter of the game only 3 points were scored in total, and of course by the 49ers. So at the end of the fourth game of the season for the 49ers, they scored 31 points and completely destroyed the Browns who only scored 3 points total, so the 49ers won by a point difference of 28 points.

    The 49ers have proved themselves to be serious Superbowl contenders this year. If they keep this up they really could do it.

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