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    The Best Football Food in Town


    It’s fall and that means it is football season.

    With only living minutes away from First Energy Stadium, we can all constantly feel the buzz around the Cleveland Browns every single week.  When you can’t get tickets to go watch them live the next best option is to grab your friends and go watch the game while getting some game day food from Lakewood’s restaurants with the best game day food.


    The first on our list is the one of the best Burger joints in Lakewood, the Buckeye Beer Engine.  They really tip the scales with their 1/3lb burgers along with the endless amount of cheeses, vegetables, and other proteins such as eggs and bacon.  These guys don’t mess around when it comes to piling your burger sky-high.  Their burgers are so good because all their meat is never frozen and prepared daily along with all their toppings.


    Next on the list is Angelo’s Pizza.  Arguably the most famous pizza shop in Lakewood but they have more to offer than just pizza.  With their wing and pizza it is no surprise that Angelo’s has some of the best game day food in town.   Angelo’s has 9 different flavors of wings including dry rub or with sauces.  Not to mention they don’t cheat you on the amount of sauce or flavor.  Every wing is drenched in sauce giving you the most flavorful wings around.


    Lastly on our list is Dewey’s Pizza.  They offer unique food along with an experience like you are right there in the kitchen.  At Dewey’s you can order up to a 17 inch pizza with 45 different toppings to choose from which gives you the option to create your own magnificent pizza exactly how you like it.  Along with all the different toppings you also get your choice of sauce between their original sauce and white sauce.

    Picture by Dewey’s right after customers dug into the pizza

    While speaking to Senior Jake Wright he said, “Almost everyone in Lakewood would agree these three restaurants are the top places to be on a Browns game day if you are looking to find some great food along with being surrounded by a mob of Cleveland Browns fans.”  If you haven’t given these restaurants a try on a Sunday afternoon, give it a shot and feel that Cleveland Browns atmosphere.

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