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    Alicia Smith


    Alicia Smith is a junior at Lakewood High school who is best known for her fantastic running skills and other athletic talents. She is also a very intelligent student who takes many rigorous courses over the school year while still keeping up with sports and work.  I recently interviewed Alicia to get a closer look into her life.

    Q : What sports do you play?

    A : “I did competitive gymnastics for 10 years, but I stopped in January. This year will be my fifth year running track and field, I am a hurdler and sprinter. I also started running cross-country this year to get stronger for track.”

    Q : Do you have someone who also plays these sports that you look up to?

    A : I look up to Tyler Hannah a lot. He graduated from Lakewood High School last year. He took the time to teach me new drills and techniques, he really just taught how to work hard at something that I love. Tyler worked hard for his talent and I really admire that.”

    Q : Could you see yourself making a career out of any of these sports, or is there another path you will choose to take?

    A : I definitely want to run in college, but I don’t think I’ll make a career out of it. My goal is to end up in the medical field, more specifically anesthesiology. I just love running so much and I want to be able to compete at a collegiate level, I feel like it’ll be and experience that I can learn and grow from.

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