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    Pros and Cons of Veganism


    One of the most basic health trends of the 21st century (and one of the most difficult) is veganism. It’s very obvious there are clear benefits and disadvantages to being vegan, and if done wrong it can be very damaging to your health. However, if you are careful and do it smartly, it’ll definitely help in the long run.


    Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

    Reduced Risk of Serious Illness

    Promotes Weight Loss

    Obesity is a major problem in America. Roughly 40% of American adults from the years 2015-16 were diagnosed with obesity. Veganism cuts out the majority of fattening foods and focuses on vitamins and health.

    Environmentally Sustainable

    Not only should we try to save the turtles, but we should save the entire environment. By going vegan, you are cutting out the pain and suffering used to produce meat, in animals and plants. If less meat and meat by-products are made, then it’ll have a definite positive effect on our world.

    Promotes Greater Self-Control

    There’s no doubt, being vegan is difficult. The amount of food you’re allowed is limited and it takes a lot of control not to go back on your diet. However, once you get into the rhythm of it, it becomes so much easier. It even makes it easier to control other impulses such as binging (tv or food), exercising, and under/overworking yourself.

    Reduced Food Costs

    Have you ever had steak or lobster prepared in a restaurant? The prices of meat are insane. On the other hand, vegetables are one of the cheapest foods, and you can even grow it in your back yard.


    Limited Food Choices

    Radical Change

    Difficulty Dining Out

    Hard to get the Right Nutrients

    Leads to Poor Health Decisions

    Once you’ve become “obsessed” with avoiding all animal products, you can find yourself in situations where you try to help your health, but end up damaging yourself. Some vegans avoid soy because it says there’s GMO, but soy is a great source of protein and cutting it out will do more harm than good.

    Social Isolation

    Everyone hears people joking about vegans and their mannerisms, being narcissistic and thinking they’re better than everyone else (which could be the case). However, these jokes along with eating only a portion of food most people eat, sets people living a vegan lifestyle far from other people.

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