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    Pizza in the ‘Wood


    Are you looking for the perfect place to enjoy some delicious pizza with your friends and family? If so, Lakewood has you covered!

    • Dewey’s

    Dewey’s is a relaxed environment that is perfect for families and people of all ages. They have a variety of options that are also gluten-free, vegan, and can accommodate your special requests. Dewey’s is a hot spot in Lakewood, and you can always find people you know enjoying a slice there.

    When asked about why Dewey’s is a favorite restaurant of freshmen Clare McKay and Brigid McKenna, they replied:

    Clare: “The pizza is thin, but still really good. All of the staff is really sweet, and they try to make small talk and interact with their customers. The environment is also very warm and welcoming.”

    Brigid: “It tastes fresh. There’s no unnecessary grease, unlike some other restaurants. The crust is really good, and it’s still crunchy. It’s reassuring that you can watch the staff making your pizza. They have great hospitality.”

    • Angelo’s

    Angelo’s has a friendly and inviting environment that is perfect for families, but also perfect for students to go after a football game. It’s located on Madison across from the football field, and grabbing a bite is the perfect way to finish a Friday night out. Angelo’s also offers another style of pizza Dewey’s doesn’t: deep dish. This is perfect if you want to enjoy some classic Chicago-style cuisine.

    Grace Hildebrandt and Lydianna Trudel, both in their freshman year at Lakewood High School, explain why they love Angelo’s.

    Grace: “The pizza has more flavor, and I like the texture better than any other pizza shop. The environment is welcoming.”

    Lydianna: “I think the sauce at Angelo’s is better. The pizza also tastes crispier. The environment is busy, and it gives you a city feel.”

    In a survey taken of 48 Lakewood residents, 60% stated that they preferred Dewey’s pizza over Angelo’s and 40% said that they preferred Angelo’s pizza over Dewey’s, but each restaurant brings their own style to the table, so it’s difficult to compare these award-winning restaurants.

    In the end, any pizza place in Lakewood is perfect to grab a bite a while, enjoying company with friends and family. Support your local businesses, and buy a slice!

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